Fishing guides feelings

By Santiago Pagnanelli, Tres Valles Lodge fly fishing guide.

Only those who truly love fishing know that since the very first time you cast a fly into a stream, life won’t be the same never again.

When you are fishing, your mind, body and soul want to stay there perpetually stopping the time forever. In other way, every time you are doing something different your mind is tripping back and forward between caught fishes memories and the ones you will like to catch as soon as is possible.<a href=””><img class=”wp-image-1348 size-medium alignright” src=”×199.jpg” alt=”Brown Trout with a Dragonfly” width=”300″ height=”199″ /></a>

Be a fishing guide allows to do this every single day during the season, think, remember and learn from the lived day and plan the next one looking for the best, to share with the guests. About them is enough to say there is nothing like a grateful smiling face after a release, lifetime fishing is the most beautiful office anyone can find.

Here is possible to make a stand, being sure work can give pleasure and fishing certainly gives happiness, so I thank to life for became as it did.

Hope to see you around.


Santiago, fishing guide Tres Valles Lodge