Fly fishing

Río Pico

This freestone water shed that flows to the Pacific, starts in Chubut’s semidesert, and works it’s way to the valleys of the Andes growing with mountain creeks that feed it and turn it into a mid-size floatable river.

rio pico_fly fishing
In old river channels or when the water level is high, you can find huge fish cruising back channels, perfect for sight fishing with drys and nymphs.
The main species you will find in the Rio Pico are Rainbow and Brown trout, although at the end of the season you can also find Pacific Salmon that come up the river to spawn.

It’s a variety of Sring Creek with back channels that hold great size fish, ideal for sight fishing. Dry flies and Nymphs are mainly used to fish this river.

Río Corcovado

The Rio Corcovado is a freestone river with some white waters and well defined pools that runs through the Tucu Tucu Pampa’s, which make the river very meandering, working it’s way through marshes and flats.

corcovado_fly fishing_patagonia
It is an ideal river to float and work it’s deep pools which hold some migratory Rainbows and Fontinalis that come in to the river from the Lago Vinter.
Ideal for streamer fishing with sinking lines, but always be ready for great sight fishing and hatches during summer.

Another great attraction of this river are the Pacific Salmon, that come up the river to spawn, and can vary from 20 to 40 pounds!

Río Pampa

The Rio Pampas is a freestone river, with a well defined structure, with areas of riffles, runs and pools.

rio_pampa_fly fishing_patagonia
The upper section of this river flows right through one of the main valleys of the Estancia. In this section, the long rifles and runs make it the perfect place for nymph fishing, where catching an average of 20 great size fish a day is no surprise to anyone, making it one of the gems in the whole area!

Sight fishing is the best option for finding the biggest fish in the river, which tend to be Brown Trout well over 20 inches.

The lower section of the river is known for it’s small pools spread out between short riffles. In this section of the river it’s recommended to fish with dry flies for big trout, who tend to go for Attractors among the sunken trees they hide in. A place where you will surely catch a few fish well over 18 inches and way over 20 fish a day.

Mid season and end of season hatches in rivers like Las Pampas, usually last several hours and are not to dense, which makes for great fishing through out the day.

Río Nilson

A very dynamic river born in the mountains that flows into the Rio Pico.

It’s a mid size freestone river with crystal clear water, perfect for fishing 3 to 5 weight rods with dry flies. It has an abundant population of mid-size trout and holds some trophy fish, resulting in a very productive day of fishing.

Secret Spot

A privilege only for our guest at Tres Valles Lodge.

This is a truly exclusive and unique place we do not reveal to anybody unless they stay at the lodge. It’s a perfect place in the middle of nowhere, with hardly no pressure, where you can be sure to find a trophy fish!

El Materno is a good size Spring Creek, excellent for technical sight fishing with light weight rods with small dry flies or nymphs. It’s a very sheltered area surrounded by a forest of Nire Trees, in a valley that also works it’s way to the Rio Pico.
The main trophy fish in this creek are big Brown Trout, that average well over 20 inches!

Arroyo Negro

A small flat Spring Creek that flows right through the main valley of Tres Valles Estancia, where you will find great size fish in a small water shed, making it very challenging and exciting to any fisherman.

It is a very technical place to fish since it’s such a narrow creek, so light weight rods and accurate casting are a must. At certain times of the season fishing with attractors is the way to go.

Laguna Vilchez

An exclusive lagoon in the Estancia, with a great number of Rainbow, Brown and Fontinalli trophy fish.

laguna_tres valles_flyfishing_patagonia
Your chance of hooking a fish around 14 pounds is right here! Mostly fished for with streamers, but there is always the chance of sight fishing for monster fish on drys and nymphs.
A lagoon where you can fish from a boat or wading flats and reads.